Forward-Vee Batwing 8'6

MSRP: $999.00 USD
Flat rate shipping: $100.00 USD
Continental USA ONLY

With its signature forward-vee nose breaking the water for a smooth entry point and it’s batwing tail providing pivot like maneuverability, the Forward-Vee Batwing will be the board to take your turns from lazy sloping S’s to water spraying carves on your first session. These features also make for a very smooth, stable paddle out where you can keep your hair dry and not let your wave riding stoke get washed away by the next set wave.

Recommended for:

High performance wave riding for intermediate to advanced riders weighing up to 190 lbs (86 Kg).
Aspiring Waterman – 140 lbs. / Journeyman Waterman – 165 lbs, / Advanced Waterman – 190 lbs.


  • Deck pad included
  • FeatherCore construction
  • In-deck hand hold
  • Quad fins included


Overall Length: 8' 6" (259.08cm)
Width: 28.85" (73.279cm)
Thickness: 4.00" (10.16cm)
Weight: 17.30 (7.86kg)*
Volume: 31.18 Gal. (118.00L)
*Weights may vary +/- 10%

Deck Pad – Na Kai ‘Ewalu - Travel. Symbol represents the eight channels between the main Hawaiian Islands. Symbolic of traveling and connecting to new lands.

C4 Waterman’s new FeatherCore Composite line of SUPs is based on the rigorous refinement of the foam sandwich/composite structures to find the construction that best suits the unique needs of the next generation of high- performance stand-up paddleboards.

Our testing has found that deck and bottom wood veneer laminates provide the lightest, strongest ‘skin’ to complement our featherlight EPS-cored SUPs. These very thin veneer sheets are sandwiched between successive layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin and then pressure molded around the EPS core. This creates a sort of monocoque fuselage, much like an aircraft, in which the skin of the surfboard in effect becomes the stringer or stiffener.