Junior Guard

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Tested and approved by Maui Fire Dept. and Maui Lifeguards. Thoroughly tested for the proper length and volume, the iRESCUE is capable for all rescue demands. Unlimited usage. Inflates, deflates quickly and rolls up for easy storage and portability. Stiff and stable in all water conditions. The only inflatable used by U.S. lifeguards.

Recommended for:

Outline and the rocker are carefully calibrated to work in harmony with the board’s flex pattern to create a sort of cantilever drive delivered with each stroke and down-weight phase of paddling. This means the board is energized as you paddle, and pops out of tight spots in the rapids or on the wave. Board is soft but stiff, lightweight but super strong, a portable yet rock-solid craft. Designed for travel, safety, portability, durability and performance.
Aspiring Waterman – lbs. / Journeyman Waterman – lbs, / Advanced Waterman – lbs.


  • Travel bag included
  • Pump with pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel d-ring attachment
  • 8 ergonomic welded web handles


Overall Length: 9' 6" (289.56cm)
Width: 23.50" (59.69cm)
Thickness: 4.42" (11.2268cm)
Weight: 25.00 (11.36kg)*
*Weights may vary +/- 10%

Utilizing C4’s proprietary state-of-the-art inflatable construction, international water safety experts Brian Keaulana and Archie Kalepa have refined and perfected these new rescue tools in the rough and unforgiving waters of the Hawaiian Islands, drawing on their decades of devising, practicing, and teaching their revolutionary ocean rescue techniques to scores of government, military, and private organizations around the world.