Classic X 10'6

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A new thicker, wider version of our legendary Classic delivers more stability for larger paddlers. C4 PolyTec construction provides bombproof durability so you can surf, tour and paddle on waters everywhere. If you're looking for a board that will perform in nearly all conditions, grab the Classic X and charge. Tri Fin setup

Recommended for:

Legendary Status for bigger riders
Aspiring Waterman – lbs. / Journeyman Waterman – lbs, / Advanced Waterman – lbs.

This board is available in a complete outfit. Get this board and all the gear you need to get on the water and save hundreds!



  • 3 fins included


Overall Length: 10' 6" (320.04cm)
Width: 32.00" (81.28cm)
Thickness: 4.50" (11.43cm)
Weight: 29.00 (13.18kg)*
Volume: 13.79 Gal. (52.20L)
*Weights may vary +/- 10%

Deck Pad – Honu - Green Sea Turtle: Symbol of good luck, endurance and long life. Often seen as a guardian spirit, known as “Aumakua.” When lost, turtles are excellent navigators and often find their way home.

C4PolyTec is a lightweight molded EPS core encased in a thermoformed polycarbonate shell and polyaramid rails.