C4 Waterman Inflatable Rescue Boards

Anyone who works in the water safety field knows that there are more people in the water than ever before. And over the past decade a lot of them are, well, a bit bigger and heavier —so why haven’t rescue boards gotten bigger? The C4 Waterman iRESCUE boards have been painstakingly designed with the realities of the water safety arena in mind. victims are heavier than before? Add more volume and buoyancy. Too many victims getting hurt by clumsy hardboards with lethal fins? Go inflatable–yielding but rigid, stable and directional yet free of dagger-like fins. Tired of getting swallowed up by the whitewater on a typically slow, cumbersome fleet board during an extraction? shoot out of the danger zone on a cushion of air, propelled by the flexible, drag-reducing dimpled bottom skin of the iRESCUE board. portable, tough, reliable, every feature designed and re-designed by C4’s international water safety professional, the C4 iRESCUE boards are the perfect solution to nearly all of today’s complex water rescue scenarios.

Utilizing C4’s proprietary state-of-the-art inflatable construction, international water safety experts Brian Keaulana and Archie Kalepa have refined and perfected these new rescue tools in the rough and unforgiving waters of the Hawaiian Islands, drawing on their decades of devising, practicing, and teaching their revolutionary ocean rescue techniques to scores of government, military, and private organizations around the world.

The United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) has exclusively designated the C4 Waterman iRescue Board as the official rescue board of the USLA and the C4 Waterman iRescue Sled as the official rescue sled of the USLA.