This summer, C4 Waterman and Wagner Skis partnered to give away a C4 Waterman SUP board. Now with winter on the way we extend this partnership to give away a pair of Wagner Custom Skis up to a $2000 value! Like C4 Waterman, Wagner Skis is at the summit of the ski industry. With Wagner Custom, you get skis that flex effortlessly into just the shape of the turn you expect. Instantly, instinctively, without need to plan, set up and execute. Matched to your weight and strength, the ski is more versatile – because it starts at the right flex and shape, it works easily in a wider range of snow conditions and terrain challenges. It holds an edge precisely on hard snow, penetrates smoothly in crud, and rounds out easily in power. You ski with confidence, power and joy.
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Adventure awaits. Get on board.

For every paddler and all waters, start your next journey here with a rigid or inflatable C4 Waterman paddleboard.

iSUP XXL 10'8

Best all-around for fresh and salt-water

iSUP BK Pro 10'9

Brian Keaulana designed, XL, all around inflatable

Holo Holo 11'6

Most stable, all-around beginner board

iTrekker 12'6

Adventure machine that fits in your trunk

All waters. No limits.

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