A lot of people think that C4 Waterman is just a stand-up paddle board company. It is much more than that.
It is a company based on a lifestyle. What we cherish most is the Hawaiian value system of friendship and family.

C4 stands for the CORE FOUR values that we believe in:
Balance, Endurance, Strength and Tradition

Four disciplines we use in everyday life. Balance is not just physical balance. It's mental balance, spiritual balance and the roles we balance in life. Endurance is being able to outlast challenges: physical, mental, economic. Strength and tradition go hand in hand. Our background generating from Hawaii whether by blood or bu heart, means that tradition is at the heart of what we portray. These values are what we are marketing, not just boards. We are marketing them through surfing and that's the part that's free. Respect the land, respect the ocean, respect your friends, neighbors and whoever is around. It's not about flying a logo. It's about flying the core values and that's the message we want to spread in all our extended Ohana. - Brian Keaulana

C4 Innovation Crew - Todd Bradley, Co-Founder, Innovator

Todd Bradley

Like his partners, it’s hard to believe Todd Bradley ever sleeps. As the chief visionary spearheading C4, he lives what he loves and wastes no time in doing so. Balancing family life with a highly successful career in brand-building, sales and marketing, he somehow still managed to reach elite levels in a slew of sports, particularly canoe paddling and surfing. His passion and energy are huge driving forces in the C4 mission of further exploring the waterman lifestyle. The meteoric rise of SUP as both a sport and enormous treasure chest of the global paddle sports industry was created 100% by the three original founders of Honolulu-based C4 Waterman.

As the undisputed pioneers of every segment of the new sport and business, C4 Waterman as a brand, is a hotbed of innovation. Todd and his group of enthusiast owners, possess unique traits and live each day proving the brand slogan “No single piece of equipment or body of water defines us”

QUOTE: “Todd Bradley is the most unlikely Pacific Islander you’ll ever meet. With his short stature, blond cowlick and twinkling eyes, he’s more leprechaun than Menehune. But make no mistake, being born and bred on Oahu he’s an islander through and through. And the C4 Waterman co-founder has proved it with a paddle in his hands. Too infectiously enthusiastic to be a legend yet, Bradley, 53, is still one of the greatest paddlers in island history. Over the past 45 years he’s mastered just about every self-propelled Polynesian craft, including standup paddleboards. Through his early involvement with design, manufacturing and marketing, he literally had a hand in creating the sport of SUP.” — Sam George

C4 Innovation Crew - Brian Keaulana, Co-Founder, Stuntman

Brian Keaulana

Son of legendary, pioneering Hawaiian waterman ‘Buffalo’ Keaulana, Brian’s ocean roots run deep. In both work and play, his life is defined by the ocean. Professional stuntman, stunt coordinator, featured in films such as Riding Giants and Billabong Odyssey, his accomplishments all stem from a life in the ocean. Born and raised on the beach at Makaha, Brian has made major contributions to the surfing world both by way of his own sporting achievements, and through his ocean safety expertise that rewrote the safety and possibilities of enjoying the ocean, saving countless lives along the way. A master of tandem, canoe surfing, big-wave riding, and tow-in, his experience cannot be surpassed. Brian lives each day to the fullest, and by C4′s creed, “No single piece of equipment or body of water defines us.”

C4 Innovation Crew - Archie Kalepa, Head C4 Waterman of iRESCUE Division

Archie Kalepa

Like his close friend and C4- partner, Brian Keaulana, Archie Kalepa is one of Hawaii’s greatest ocean sports pioneers. A key player in Brian’s push to modernize and innovate stand-up paddling, Archie became the leading trailblazer in establishing long-distance SUP racing when he completed the first stand-up solo crossing of the Molokai Channel in 2004. And working with Brian, Archie has been instrumental in the design and testing of C4 Waterman’s ground-breaking iRESCUE line. Combining their cumulative 75 years of lifesaving experience, as well as their mutual pioneering of jet skis and sleds in tow-in surfing and rescue work, Archie Kalepa and Brian Keaulana have redesigned and refined water rescue gear to a paramilitary level.

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