Turbo Spud 8'4

Perfect combo of performance surf and fun

Spudnik 8'4

Manueverability and speed for performance surfing

Forward-Vee Batwing 8'6

Agile and fast like a bat

Micro-SUB 8'8

Turn on a dime and make the drop on any wave

Waterskate 9'0

The perfect small SUP for soft waves

Bruddah 9'6

All-around board for smaller paddlers

Ten-Thirty 10'0

A do-everything board for all conditions

Da Beachboy 10'6

All around board for beginners and XXL paddlers

Holo Holo 10'6

Tough and stable all-around for beginners and renters

Classic 10'6

A legend returns.

Classic X 10'6

The legend continues

Crossover 10'10

Perfect combo of touring and mellow surf

Holo Holo 11'6

Most stable, all-around beginner board