Malolo-Pro Racer Carbon 14'0

MSRP: $1,499.00 USD
Flat rate shipping: $100.00 USD
Continental USA ONLY

As the pioneers of Stand-up Paddle racing, we have been through countless different shapes and sizes over the years and have found the 14-foot size to be the best board for all conditions. The 14-foot Malolo is the next generation in our long line of designs, and it is the best yet. With flatter rocker, improved volume in the nose, a wider tail and the signature C4 Waterman hull design, this shape can and will do it all. With prototypes being tested at the Molokai2Oahu and Pacific Paddle Game races, we know that in the right hands, this board will be the fastest, most well rounded race board in your arsenal.

Recommended for:

High performance racing in all conditions for intermediate and advanced riders up to 220 lbs (99 Kg).
Aspiring Waterman – 150 lbs. / Journeyman Waterman – 180 lbs, / Advanced Waterman – 220 lbs.


  • In-deck handle for easy carrying
  • Standard 10" center fin box
  • Deck pad included
  • Fin included
  • Carbon Construction


Overall Length: 14' 0" (426.72cm)
Width: 27.30" (69.342cm)
Thickness: 6.40" (16.256cm)
Weight: 28.50 (12.95kg)*
Volume: 67.90 Gal. (257.00L)
*Weights may vary +/- 10%

Deck Pad – Manu - Bird. The traditional Polynesian metaphor for the canoe. Ocean birds are important to unlock the secrets of navigation on the water.

C4 Waterman’s new FeatherCore Composite line of SUPs is based on the rigorous refinement of the foam sandwich/composite structures to find the construction that best suits the unique needs of the next generation of high- performance stand-up paddleboards.

Our testing has found that deck and bottom wood veneer laminates provide the lightest, strongest ‘skin’ to complement our featherlight EPS-cored SUPs. These very thin veneer sheets are sandwiched between successive layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin and then pressure molded around the EPS core. This creates a sort of monocoque fuselage, much like an aircraft, in which the skin of the surfboard in effect becomes the stringer or stiffener.